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Asset | Marketing

Asset | Marketing is the study association of Tilburg University for the students that are interested in the field of marketing. With a total member database of 2250 students and alumni, Asset | Marketing has developed itself to one of the biggest study associations of Tilburg University. By organizing both formal as informal activities, Asset | Marketing stimulates the interaction between students and companies. Students are given the chance to organize extra-curricular activities. Partly by the support of the Department of Marketing and the large network of the former-student members, Asset | Marketing can rely on a tight collaboration between lecturers and companies. Due to this collaboration Asset | Marketing is capable of organizing a large amount, high quality and distinguishing activities like Marketing Event, Markethings Week, The International Marketing Expedition and Commercial Night.

By becoming an active member at Asset | Marketing you will get to know a lot of new people and you will get the chance to develop yourself on both a personal level as on an organizational and professional level. Next to the fact that it is a nice addition to your CV it is also a lot of fun and informative!

Are you interested in becoming an active member and do you want to join one of the committees of Asset | Marketing? Then come by at our room E1.02, take a look at our website, Facebook page, or contact vice-chairman@asset-marketing.nl.